comfy vibes bundle

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This is the ultimate comfy vibe bundle! In this bundle you get 5 items that help you slay the comfy girl vibe! 

The perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves comfort!

How our bundles work:
- once you place your order we will hand pick 5 items
- all you need to do is select your size in bottoms & top and we will do the rest! 
- if you already have a pair of our Chill Mood Sweats, please specify at checkout what color you have so we don't duplicate!

What could come in your bundle:
In the comfy vibes bundle we will include 5 super comfortable items.  Those items could include our Chill Mood Sweatpants, wool socks, buttery smooth basics, fluff shrugs, sweaters, rompers etc. 

If you would like it more customized to you please let us know any color, size or other preferences at checkout. :)
*all sales are final sale on our bundles. no returns or exchanges.*