Short & Sweet Dress


Girl, I see you eyein' up this cute little dress!

Let me tell you about this Short & Sweet Dress!  This dress is a MUST HAVE!  Especially for in the Fall / Winter.  I know I know you're thinking "you're crazy, why would I wear a short dress in the coldest time of the year?"  Well, let me tell you how you can style this dress to make it wearable in those months girl!  I would style it with a cute oversized blazer or sweater and pair it with knee high boots or even cute little booties.  Don't worry, I will post a "how to style" video on my instagram for you to save and refer back to when you need help styling this dress girl.  

But think about it, now you have a dress that you can wear in all 4 seasons!  

How fun is that? So fun I know! I KNOW!!

Alright, have fun with your new dress girl!  XO