Is there an age requirement?

We will not provide the service to anyone under the age of 13.
If you are under the age of 16 you must have a parent sign the waiver at your appointment.

What if it breaks or I need it off?

All sales are final. No refunds are given for broken or lost chains. Your piece should last as long as you want it to. However, it is a very dainty chain that is not indestructible. Even though our chains are very durable, they are meant to break at 12 lbs of torque to prevent any cut off of circulation.
If your piece does break I will reattach for free for the first time. The only exception where the first re-weld is not free is when your chain is not salvageable. If that is the case a new chain will need to be purchased.
If you need to remove your piece for surgery or any other reason, please cut it at the jump ring with either wire cutters or a pair of scissors, that way your piece will be the same length when we re-weld it.
We ask that if you have any problems that you please email us to get you scheduled to come in. Each re-weld after the first will be a $10 fee.

Will it turn my skin green or tarnish?

No. The metals I use are 14k gold filled and sterling silver. Both metals are known to tarnish over time, sterling silver will tarnish faster, however if you keep them polished with your polishing cloth & make sure you take good care of your piece, you should be good for years.

What about swimming & showering?

You can swim in pools, lakes & oceans with your piece of jewelry. Showering is obviously something that you will be doing with your piece and it is totally okay! I do recommend completely drying your piece of ASAP after you get out of the water. It is also recommended to spend as little time in chlorinated waters (pools) as possible.

What about anklets?

We will do anklets, however we don't recommend them for everyone. If you are very active & have had problems with anklets breaking in the past then I don't recommend getting one. They are dainty chains that are meant to break at 12lbs of torque. Waivers are to be signed by everyone for anklets and are available at appointment. :)