Kenzina Diy Facial Therapy Ice Tool

By Kenzina

Kenzina DIY Facial Therapy Ice Tool is 100% sustainable, multi-use, non-toxic beauty tool will wake up your skin, improve blood circulation, tighten pores, de-puff eye bags, helps reduce inflammation and acne breakouts and gives your face a healthy glow! Perfect for all ages and skin types.   

The natural way to contour and sculpt your face and add radiance to your skin using this fun beauty ice tool.  

You will see great benefit from regular use, particularly in combination with our Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks, Plumping Lip Masks and Instant Glow Face Mask.  

Ice is an amazing natural way to stimulate blood circulation on the face. It narrows the blood vessels in the areas the ice is applied which allows the body to pump more oxygen-rich blood to the face, giving you plumper, fresher and glowing skin  

The kit Includes 100% sustainable silicon form, bamboo organic face towel, measuring cup and inspirational recipes booklet. Available in Elegant Black or Cheeky Pink